amazon offers “The Matriculation of the Messianic Man”

Being a new, self-published author I am finding out how things work and don’t work!

Take for example getting a new book listed on amazon. Well as it works out, amazon wasn’t as delighted as I thought they’d be to have what was obviously going to be a best seller. As it turns out amazon and Ingram books sort of have a working agreement. Amazon doesn’t list a book unless it’s first listed by Ingram. Simple solution, list with Ingram. Problem is Ingram doesn’t list your book unless it comes to them through one of their acknowledged publishers or on-demand printers. This latter category seems very restricted, maybe 3 or 4 of those on-demand printers exist: one owned by Ingram, one owned by amazon and maybe one or two others. The catch is these printers “own” your book. They give you a royalty based on all the decisions they make.

Having been in the Christian bookstore business for ten years I have a working knowledge of what a bookstore tries to obtain from a publisher in the way of deals. Amazon has maxed this out since they won’t carry your book unless you do it on their terms. These terms are not impossible, but they are almost punitive to the self-publisher.

Long story short, “The Matriculation of the Messianic Man” is now available on amazon. And it is available at a lesser price than I am permitted to sell it. But I really like amazon. I buy something from them almost weekly. They have a very efficient, professional system. I am delighted that they have made a way for my book to be marketed. And you, they buyer benefit from it. Everyone who has read the book has been very complimentary. So, please, if you have any interest or curiosity about what messianic is, get a copy.

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