A Psalm of Sabbath Thanks


A Psalm of Sabbath Thanks

Two small lights are kindled as darkness descends−
Your ancient promise of rest begins.
Will cares from my soul now dispel−
As light pierces darkness, so life’s labors quell.

Your seventh day is not punishment meant−
It is not a burden, yet true, a sacrament.
Your love it created and ordered its time−
Blessing upon blessing follow, pleasing as rhyme.

Yeshua, Your Son, Your very self, proclaimed the day from its creation−
From Egypt and Sinai He spoke it to every nation.
Even before man became vexed by satan’s plan−
The day for rejuvenation; a time of appreciation was in the van.

Those two small lights hold such promise–
How could I have been doubting as Thomas?
With thanksgiving I now joyfully enter−
Knowing light follows darkness when keeping Your day at the center.

Kennedy Brown
Shabbat 12/19/15

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