A Psalm about a Lost Psalm

A Psalm about a Lost Psalm
May have been my best psalm you’ll never see

Yahweh, a psalm I was writing is lost.
I fear it’s been cyber space tossed.
And now I get my pride to measure−
For whom was I writing the poetic treasure?

I lament and search for the words now gone.
They’ve disappeared as snow from my lawn.
True, it’s the sun that aids this fact−
Perhaps there’s another in this klepto act.

Wash my heart from author’s pride.
Let me go forth in innocent stride.
I pray those words I previously penned
To You now reflect love−washed from sin.

As You once told me when a data crash−
You still knew every word−none were ash.
So, thank You again as I walk the fine line
Between heartfelt praise and pride sublime.

Kennedy Brown
Erev Shabbat, February 12, 2016

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