God’s Creative Power

God’s Creative Power

The creative power of God:
From Nothing everything came forth.
The creative power of man
Involves starting from something in every plan.

Man works to heal what is—
Within the laws of Divine creation
He seeks solutions for disease cessation.

When faced with problems
Which have no known reconciliation
He must then ask God to return to its nonexistence
This impossible vexation!

Kennedy Brown
November 24, 2016

Motivation for poem:
In the first Torah teaching for Genesis it speaks of God creating out of nonexistence all of the manifesttions of creation—He spoke Nothing into being.

The gospel of John tells us that nothing came into being except through Yeshua, that is, the unified God.

I have summarized this for my understanding to say that everything we physically experience is the product of the manifesting of the laws of God. Disease, in my understanding, is not a product of Satan—he has no creative power. Disease is the application of God’s laws. Unfortunately, because of sin, Satan can manipulate these laws to work to man’s detriment. They can certainly be understood as well to work to man’s good.

Further, I believe God is pleased when man ponders and understands the application of God’s laws in obtaining good fruit as well as avoiding bad fruit.
That is to say when man can find what application of His law produces a particular disease, as an example, of bad fruit.

As we all know man continues to run up against manifestations of the law in diseases which defy understanding. It is at these times that the default solution can only be the “miracle.” And really, what is the miracle, except requesting God to undue the law that He knows is being applied, but which man hasn’t discovered. In other words, we are asking Him to return to nonexistence the thing that vexes us. Hence, the grist for this poem.

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