Celebrate the Biblical New Year

10184224 – a mountain range silhouetted by a star-filled night sky and a crescent moon.

Tonight (March 27, 2017) at sundown begins the biblical month of Aviv (Nisan). This new moon event represents the beginning of the count down to the commanded feast of Passover. It is the first day of the new year on the calendar of seven annual feasts. The celebration of this new moon, new year event, although not commanded by scripture, would definitely be in order.

My good wife will make today’s evening meal a special event. While not a Sabbath there will definitely be an erev Shabbat type atmosphere.

Not only do we want to be obedient to the instruction of Yahova we want to stand against the prophetic word of Daniel. In Chapter 7 at verse 25, Daniel speaks of the enemy who, among other persecutions of believers, “shall intend to change times and law.” Some translations say times and seasons. We repented years ago of agreeing with these plans of the enemy. It seemed to us that to follow God’s calendar we would be more apt to experience peace and blessing.

Over the next two weeks I will offer a Haggadah (a script to aid in celebrating the feast) which we use for Passover. We have incorporated the symbols and values of the first exodus together with the “second exodus”. It is this second exodus from the bondage of sin that has eternal significance for the believers in Messiah Yeshua.

May this new year be one of special spiritual insight and blessing for each of us.

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