High Places

High Places
The bible chronicles the repeated question:
What will occupy the high places? 
Over and over the high places were given to idols. 
Over and over the righteous would pull down these heathen monuments.

Where are your high places?
What occupies those elevated sites?

Wherever we go, above or below,
One prominence is over the rest.
The brain is every man’s high place.
What idols have you built on that foundation?

Perhaps you have exalted your very brain above God.
Perhaps other idols have found harbor in that high place.

Ask God how He sees your brain; to identify every false god.
Yahovah alone must occupy that lofty position.
Take every thought captive to the obedience of Messiah.
Let no idol formed continue to rob you of intimacy with Him.

Pull down the idols from your high places, especially the eminence of the high place itself!

Kennedy Brown
Sabbath January 6, 2018

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