Facebook Adieu

Facebook Adieu
I have been a FB loyalist for at least ten years. During that time I thoroughly enjoyed keeping up with my many FB friends. However, the events of the last several months regarding the biased administration of FB has given me pause to consider my continued participation. So, this is my last post. I will continue to make blog entries on our website: www.MissionPossiblePeople.com I invite you to join me there, subscribe and let’s stay in touch.

As a parting post let me give you my thoughts on racism and anti- Semitism:

Racism, anti-Semitism—Blurring Definitions

A racist is one who thinks their race is superior.
Anti-Semitism is generally defined as prejudice against Jews.

The Jewish people are not of themselves a race (though some argue this). However, anti-Semitism, in effect, creates them to be a race. Anti-Semitism is really an inverted perversion of racism. The anti-Semite is saying the Jewish people are a race and I hate them, not because of my superiority, but because of their superiority! I’m offended by their superiority because it diminishes my sense of my superiority. The irony being. as I have said, that anti-Semitism is really a perverse racism.

The Scripture says we are to love our neighbor as ourself. To put this in the context of racism, we are to love the qualities of our neighbor as much as we appreciate our own qualities—even if our neighbor does some things better than we do.

The answer to both racism and anti-Semitism is not to diminish or demean my racial-ness, but to recognize and appreciate the qualities of another’s racial-ness. Perhaps I can observe and learn how to appreciate and emulate those distinctions. Before I can do that, however, I will have to back off my opinion that I know best how to do everything.

A fond Adieu.

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