Escaping Sin’s Punishment

Escaping Sin’s Punishment

Why do some seem to not reap God’s judgment for their obvious sin?
In some instances it could be “for the sake of“ a righteous ancestor that Father withholds judgment from a person.

In 1Kings 11:12, God tells King Solomon that God is deferring the judgment that Solomon deserves for his idolatrous sin “for the sake of his father, David.”

Any temptation for smugness at having seemingly “avoided” the consequence of sin must be replaced by thankfulness to that generational “saint” in whose honor Father is holding open a “window for repentance.”

Conversely, I find it a wonderful opportunity and encouragement to walk in holiness and obedience before Father, even without knowing precisely what generational effect such intentional living may have. By faith I am sowing the seed that Father may use to defer judgment in my generational line. Just as I was a branch pulled from the eternal fire in my 43d year of life, so might other branches in future generations be pulled from the fire. Psalm 25:12-13 speaks of blessing flowing to the descendants of one who fears (obeys out of honor and reverence) the God of love.

“Thank you Father for Your forbearance in judging me—for pulling me as a burning branch from the flames. Thank you, my ancestor, for your righteous living, paving the way for my eternal inheritance.”

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