Mission Possible People

What can we say without boasting?

How about: we are nothing except what Yeshua has formed in us?

We have both been pursuing God in His unity since our respective born-again experiences on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1973. Our passion is to share the revelation of the sanctification process. We do this in print, public teaching and retreat seminars.

Who we are…

We are two old folks who have been married over 60 years. That should qualify us at least as survivors. To say that our marriage continues to be vibrant and vital may mean we have something to communicate. And that communication is our passion. Janelle is the prolific author. Kennedy is the blog writer. That’s the long and the short of it. Well, that was until Kennedy couldn’t resist the call to author longer works. Now they both are published authors.

Our promise from the Psalms is:
We shall bear fruit in old age; we shall be fresh and flourishing. Ps 92:14