Living Life Off The Grid

Grid: a system of electrical distribution….
Off-the-grid: no poles, no wires, no meters, no utility provided electricity.

We are over a mile off a county-maintained road.
We are over a mile from the nearest power pole.
We are off-the-grid.

We have satellite TV and internet connection.
We have limited A/C.
We have a running spring for water.
We have lots and lots of trees for fire wood.
We have river frontage.
We have chickens, guineas and sheep.
We have fruit trees and a garden.
We have a wonderful clothes lines for drying our wash.

We are 40 miles to the nearest Walmart.
We are 15 miles to nearest grocery store.
We are flooded in 3 or 4 times a year.
We are 45 minutes to a hospital.
No garbage service.
No newspaper delivery.
No public fire protection.
No neighbors within a half-mile.

Some things are “pros” some are “cons” but we love our off-the-grid home. The Lord’s sunshine and His ingenuity imparted to man gives us solar power for all our electric needs. Fortunately our needs no longer include many high wattage appliances we once enjoyed.

We call our home Gerizim. We have appropriated (at the Lord’s suggestion) the blessings of Deuteronomy 28:1-14. We believe that obedience to God’s Torah produces blessing.We find great joy in celebrating sabbath. Our guests seem to experience a refreshing of the spirit during their stay.

Yes, we are off-the-public power grid, but purposely on God’s power grid.

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