Coincidence of Firstfruits and Resurrection Sunday 2014

Good Sabbath!
Tomorrow (Sunday) is Firstfruits. Interesting that it should coincide this year with Resurrection Sunday (Easter). More than three days has elapsed since Passover (Yeshua’s time of crucifixion), so there’s not a direct correlation to the original sacrifice of the Lamb of God. As a matter of fact it points up the problem with the ¬†decision to create the Easter observance. It was a worthy idea to honor the divine provision, if that had been the pure motive. Unfortunately history records otherwise (see my forthcoming book, “The Matriculation of the Messianic Man”). The evidence indicates that anti-semitism was the Easter dating genesis along with some politically motivated considerations. God’s commanded observance of Passover and its reaffirmation through the sacrifice of the Lamb of God (God made flesh) has become a “Jewish” tradition. It is in vogue now to do a Jewish Seder as an add-on to the Easter experience. So, will God see the return of the Church to the observance of his appointed feasts this side of the millennium? I pray so!

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