The Mystery of Noah: two alternatives

I have written an article on the apparent 350 years of silence between God and Noah after the conclusion of the deluge (flood). I invite you to consider what may be an explanation. I base my thoughts on my own experiential relationship with God. The article is located in the “Articles” section of this website, my introductory teaser is below:

God’s appointed fall feasts were completed this past October, and the cycle of Torah reading began again with the book of Genesis. When we finished the third Torah portion which is entitled in Hebrew, “Lech Lecha” (Gen 12:1 – 17:27), I took a side trip to discover more about the silent years of Noah. After the flood He wasn’t heard of again (other than his inebriation) for the 350 years up to his death. This intrigued me.

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2 thoughts on “The Mystery of Noah: two alternatives

  1. How gracious of God to include in scripture story after story of frail, less-then-perfect humans who in spite of their failures are used in the story of faith. I like your suggested possibilities for the mystery of Noah’s “slow fade”.

  2. Thank you for sharing transparently about the realities of life that we all face, and revealed so clearly in your thoughtful ponderings on the life of Noah. We are each a surprising juxtaposition of perseverance and failure, hope and despair, obedience and compromise, joy and weakness…but God is always faithful, never giving up hope that we can grow toward His light. You are an inspiration and an encouragement that we never have to stop being transformed into His likeness.

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