The Challenge of a New Word

Does a word you read ever intrigue you?
A book I’m reading used the word “arcane”. From the context I wasn’t sure of its definition–enter Meriam-Webster:
Arcane: secret or mysterious : known or understood by only a few people.
Being an author how could I pass up a challenge like that?
“‘Some would say my book, “The Matriculation of the Messianic Man” is arcane in the understandings it presents. Not so, I would answer, it is the essence of self-evident.”‘
What do you think? Amazon offers my book for only $10.80 Prime!

I have been challenged by a new word. I have now used it in a somewhat self-promoting manner,
but I doubt I will forget it–and you may expect to see it again. Dare I say should you find
any of my future blog posts to be arcane, please offer a comment that we might discuss it.

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