A Picture of God’s Healing

As I was praying for a person recently who has a chronic health condition the Lord showed me a prophetic picture of healing. The person I was praying for has undertaken to pursue after healing. This means that many dietary habits have been changed and an exercise program embarked upon. The exercise started with just a simple one minute activity. Substantial progress is being made on all counts.

Could prayer move God to just sovereignly restore my friend’s health? Of course, but it seems quite often He wants us to participate in the process. This past week’s Torah portion (Lev 19:9) told the farmer to not harvest the fringes of his fields or to pick off every grape from the vineyard. He was to leave some produce for the needy. The person in need can find dignity in the fact that they are actively participating in meeting their need. The Lord did not tell the farmer to pick, package up and deliver the produce. It was to be left in the field to be harvested by those who were without. Not to digress, but does this not speak to the nation’s entitlement programs?

Back to the healing prayer and prophetic picture I received. I reported the Torah portion because I believe the Lord wants us to participate in our healing. To just take a pill or two or five and no lifestyle change is not the best answer for healing. To underline this understanding brings me to the prophetic picture. As I was praying the Lord brought to my mind a container on my front porch in which I am sprouting some seeds. It has space for planting seeds in twelve little “pots.” “Hmm, Lord, why did you show me that?” Then I realized that healing, even from the Lord, can be like the sprouting of the seeds. Very soon after planting one or two pots sprouted. I kept watering daily and over the next week finally the seeds in every pot had sprouted.

Can it be then that healing is like seed sprouting? We plant the seeds of healing and they begin to sprout. If they all sprouted the first day, that would be a miracle. But isn’t it a miracle that they sprout at all? So, as we, needy souls that we are, glean the fields and vineyards of healing we can look to the process. We can celebrate as each undertaking we pursue in a God-directed program of health begins to sprout and grow. Thank God for the one day miracle and for the miracle of every day.

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