New Moon Kindle Offer!

“The Matriculation of the Messianic Man.” Sunday, Aug 16 is the first day of the New Moon. The Hebrew calendar calls it 1 Elul. What a great day for an Amazon Kindle offer of my book “The Matriculation of the Messianic Man.” Beginning at 8am, Sunday 8/16, for 6 days, Download the Kindle edition for just $1.99. This offer was originally in observance of my 85th birthday (7-31), but then I noticed the happy coincidence of the New Moon. So for whatever reason you want to use–even if it’s just curiosity–don’t miss this opportunity! Please read and then give me a review on Amazon–it would send me over the Moon!!
BTW. You probably know this, but you don’t need a Kindle notebook if you have a smart phone. Kindle apps are available for free–that what I use and it’s great.

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