New Moons, Noah and the Sabbath

Yesterday was the first day of God’s lunar month of Heshvan. It’s very thoughtful of Him to make these cyclical, new moon observances available to us. When interspersed with the weekly Sabbath cycle it gives another opportunity for measuring your “resolutions” concerning your spiritual adventure with the Father.

We have the weekly Torah portions that continue year after year to instruct us. But, if we choose, we can observe the lunar cycle with a different agenda from the weekly Sabbaths. As with the Sabbath observance there is not a lot of guidance from scripture on the “how to” of the new moon feast protocol. In our household we have decided to treat each new moon with a Sabbath-like, sundown dinner, prayer and discussion on where we were in our relationship to Father and to each other since the last new moon; what we had projected to accomplish and where we are now. This is another periodic opportunity to stay Yeshua-centered in all the seeming pressing activities and demands of life. It is a new practice for us, and we may make adjustments as time goes by.

The new moon of Heshvan falls in the Sabbath reading cycle (Parasha) called Noach (Noah). It seemed a good time to review an article I had previously posted to our website speaking to the 350 years of Noah’s life after the deluge (flood) during which we hear nothing more from Noah. Our “lunar lamp” lit up with the need to consider where we are, individually and as a family, in our latter years.

I would encourage you to read the article—yes, it is a little lengthy, but hey, this is your spiritual life you’re deciding about!
The Mystery of Noah

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