Obama is a Muslim

Obama is a Muslim
I read a blog post recently stating all the “facts” that point to President Obama being a Muslim; his “Islamification” of his staff and the belief in Islam of others in sensitive positions in the government. I don’t know what shocks me more–the post and its allegations, if true, or all of the radical, hate-filled responses against Obama and all who would proclaim Islam! The question may well be which radicals are the biggest threat to the spiritual security of the US.

The US may be in danger from the manifestation of the Islamic rhetoric, but the crucible of such action is centered in Israel and its surrounding Islamic neighbors. True, the US is called by Muslims the “big Satan” but Israel, “little Satan,” is the first focus of Muslim wrath. The US may be in line for Islamic venting, but the parade starts with Israel.

A possible scenario, however, could involve the US as an initial, diversionary target. We would be so distracted by such an assault, there would be a leadership paralysis in making a response to a contemporaneous, unified Islamic action against Israel.

A mitigating factor in the seeming inevitability of the Islamic threat is embedded within Islam itself: the Suni-Shite conflict. This is an older hatred by far in the world of Islam than that toward the US. I think they will have to duke it out before there can be a unified Islamic effort against the US. Not to say there won’t be random terrorist attacks, but to sustain an attack and occupy the US would take tens of thousands of organized, disciplined troops.

But all that is to say the original concern I expressed was about the radical, hate-filled responses to the post. These diatribes were against the president and any who professed Islam. Regardless of the threat scenarios, will hate save our nation? I do not think so. In all the history of the world hate has never won. What would the opposite of hate be? Is it possible there is a constructive love approach,? What would it look like?

I am not suggesting the idolatrous, perfidy of Islam be disregarded. Yeshua did not excuse the Babylonian and Greek pagans whose philosophies had pushed God’s people and especially their leaders from the perfect path of Torah. Neither did Yeshua demonstrate outrage at the Roman occupiers of Israel with their false religion and the associated deities. No, he did not rail against them, but he earnestly and ardently sought out those of the household of God to change; that they not be occupied with the cares of this world, its blasphemies and idolatries. He sought to define a love that exceeded personal wellbeing—a sacrificial love.

Yeshua, the Living Word, taught Torah, convicting all who would listen on how far short they had fallen. For the moment forget about some of the seeming minutiae of Torah and concentrate on just two of the directions (commands) Yeshua taught were of utmost importance: love the Lord with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. If you love God with all your heart how can you hate the individual He loves? Does the Word not say He would that ALL might be saved? And, that He so LOVED the world that He gave…?

This is where I am right now–but open to amendment. For what course of action does a love agenda call? First, the preparatory call would seem to be for one of personal sanctification. How can I love if I have hatred within me? How narrowly is hatred defined? Is it not even the closing of my heart to a person? For if I close my heart to someone, I am closing it to God. Then (and this introspection is not a one time event) I can offer intercessory prayer for fellow believers (where the Word tells us judgment will begin) and finally intercession for the nations—the people and their leaders (regardless of their pagan identification). There is a power in love I can’t even imagine. Has the world even seen a release of that power? The fuse was lit by Yeshua and His ultimate identification on the cross with love, but the explosion has not yet occurred—must we wait for the millennium?

Is Obama a Muslim? Was Nebuchadnezzar a Babylonian? The heart of the king is in the Lord’s hands, so our basic trust must be in God, not in “kings.” God works in mysterious ways, but His ways work. And His way is love.

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