A Psalm from a Bride

As I was reading Psalm 17 in Don Esposito’s bible translation Hebraic Roots Bible, I felt this inspiration to write a psalm. I have been working on being an author, but a psalmist? In any event, the words just seem to flow as I attempted to articulate in somewhat psalmist format the desire to worship as a bride Yeshua, my Bridegroom. As the effort progressed I realized that only as my spirit understood could my soul understand.

A Psalm from a Bride

A psalm I write,O Yeshua, with cadence ordered —
My soul’s words of measured stride —
Ascending for Your eternal awareness —
To my Bridegroom from His bride.

How do I march so with this masculine frame?
How can I seek Your face, Your embrace?
My soul knows only the calloused hand —
My soul knows only to love as a man.

It is my spirit which gives the count —
It is my spirit whose flights to heaven’s realms
Finds succor at Abba’s breast
And can guide my questioning soul.

My psalm, dear Yahweh, is now less strident
Perhaps this bride is less in feminine form —
But overflowing with my spirit’s trappings —
Expressing love — eternal, undying.

Kennedy Brown
December 18, 2015
Rev January 3, 2016

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