An Interesting Look Back

An Interesting Look Back

A quote from my blog post of 10/22/15:
“A mitigating factor in the seeming inevitability of the Islamic threat is embedded within Islam itself: the Suni-Shite conflict. This is an older hatred by far in the world of Islam than that toward the US. I think they will have to duke it out before there can be a unified Islamic effort against the US. Not to say there won’t be random terrorist attacks, but to sustain an attack and occupy the US would take tens of thousands of organized, disciplined troops.”

Today, January 3, 2016, I read a CNN headline:
“Saudi Arabia severs ties with Iran as Mideast protests rage”
The Suni-Shite conflict may totally change the dynamic of the Islamic threat. Saudi Arabia’s execution of 47 Shite, including a prominent cleric, certainly sent a challenge to ISIS and the Shite majority countries.

I am also reminded of Joel Richardson’s book “Mideast Beast” and his understanding of the anti-Christ and the nations which would arise against Israel.

My blog post in entitled “Obama is a Muslim.” That’s not my conclusion, but a discussion of the current hate speak which alarms me:

Obama is a Muslim

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