A Psalm from a Chosen One

A Psalm from a Chosen One
Prompted by Exodus 12, Deuteronomy 7:6 and Jeremiah 3:18

Of the second exodus many have spoken
The last travail of those You have chosen.
A repeat, it has been said,
Of the flight begun with unleavened bread.

Forever marked by annual remembrance
Of blood placed on the door’s circumference.
Not just any blood would do
It must be that of a lamb most true.

Your tenth, sovereign move, dear Father
Was a foretelling of Messiah’s ardor.
Yourself come in mortal flesh
Gave me life renewed, made fresh.

And so, I joined those blood bought ranks
Chosen forever−my eternal thanks.
But that journey of which first I spoke
Experiencing prophesied scenes of fire and smoke.

If I should be among the chosen train
To walk the path to millennial reign−
Then let me not into unbelief tumble;
Let me not along the way stumble.

Those bones of Your chosen, Egypt fleeing
Lie short of the Promised Land seeing.
Yahweh, please let me the lesson learn−
Your commandments and Torah to never spurn.

Kennedy Brown
Sabbath, January 16, 2016

Certainly parshat Bo (Ex 10:1-13:6) was the foundation for much of this psalm. However, the whole of Yahweh’s plan, from Creation to Completion, had to be touched upon to express my prayer and praise. I continue to be cautioned by the fact the generation leaving Egypt did not enter the prom-ised land. Then there is the question of the second or greater exodus which I am less able to scripturally confirm. To remain faithful to the entire word of Yahweh, I’m convinced, will equip me to face the twists and turns of the journey, whether I correctly discern them now or not. This, of course, is possible only because of my Blood bought relationship with Father pur-chased for me by Yeshua.

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