Owning Up

Owning Up
The challenges of cyber land

“Here’s a handy pre-populated Tweet.”
We can communicate without even a thought.
But it somehow seems like a cyber cheat−
When someone else’s words we merely repeat.
Will the reader know it’s by another they’re taught?

Yes, the repeat is by agreement, it’s true,
But is it not robbed of creative energy?
There’s no force of black and white−only blue.
Repeated words have lost some creative glue−
Words now separated from conviction’s synergy.

“Share,” a somewhat similar Facebook action
Reposts that friend’s poster, picture or request.
One click activates with little thought or exaction
Quite often no communicated reason−no reaction.
Before sharing−add a crumb of cerebric zest!

In these times of epic scientific plagiarism
It’s no wonder lessons from childhood learned−
Those shades of gray became our baptism.
Resulting today in an author’s integrity schism.
For not “owning up” we must be concerned.

Kennedy Brown
February 18, 2016

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