Poetry Reading Intro

Poetry Reading Intro
An explanation of what is−and what is not

I do not read with breathless anticipation
Every golden word I’ve penned.
No, I desire that the verses’ erudition
Be vehicle for their illumination.
With spirit alert, listen, as from a faithful friend.

I disparage not the poets grand
Who write with crafted grace−
Whose very words of sky and even sand
Paint views as flames from passion fanned.
May my words all be with such fiery trace.

I may not be right-brained−leaning to the left.
Perhaps my desire to paint with words
A truth to aptly fill some spiritual cleft−
Make them too literal−emotion-bereft;
Beat enough though, most milk makes curds.

Kennedy Brown
February 26, 2016

The above poem was written as an introduction to public reading of my poems.
I am considering producing youtube videos where I read the poems.
The readings would also be posted to my blog.
If you are seeing this on Facebook and you think it is something you would like to see, please check “Like.” Thanks.

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