Seek First the Kingdom

Seek First the Kingdom

Moses heeded the voice of his father-in-law and did all that he had said Ex18:24

Rabbi David Forman makes an interesting proposition out of the dialogue between Moses and his father-in-law Jethro. Jethro counsels Moses on appointing judges to relieve his burden. He throws in the caveat “and God so commands you.” There’s a strong possibility Moses didn’t seek God’s counsel. Moses himself writes that he did all Jethro had said about appointing the judges. He records nothing about seeking God first. Is it possible this significant oversight in seeking God when coupled with Moses’ yielding to his soulish response to strike the rock rather than speaking to it (Nu 20:11) was what kept him out of the promised land? If Rabbi Forman is correct in his interpretation, and I believe he is, a very important point is being made. When you have been called by God for a task He equips you and strengthens you to perform it. Either Moses was not called by God to do all the judging or else it seems Moses did not trust God for the ways and means to perform the task of judging.

God can and does send us a messenger, but it is our responsibility to go to God to be sure it is His message that is being delivered. Moses fell on his face before God when confronted by other challenges, but it would seem Moses seriously missed petitioning the Lord in this very important scenario. Is it possible he was in presumption in the first place in undertaking the responsibility of judging? Possibly it was his brother Aaron who should have been given the task. The priests in time would become the last resort in the appeal process.

How many times have I undertaken a project that at the time seemed so right. Then, with the passing of time the grand idea became a seemingly impossible burden. How easy it is then to “hear counsel” for a solution to get me out of my mess. “Lord, please help me to learn to submit every ‘good idea’ to you before I leap into it. And if I do leap first, let me be quick to repent and seek Your plan for extrication.” I’d hate to miss the promised land because I failed to first fall on my face before Yahweh!
Makes you wonder what was on Yeshua’s mind when He is recorded by both Matthew and Luke as admonishing to seek first the kingdom. (Mat 6:33 Luke 112:31)

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