Celebrating the Future–Yom Teruah–Feast of Trumpets

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Celebrating the Future
Yom Teruah—the Feast of Trumpets

Today, September 20, 2017, at sundown, begins the lunar month of Tishri. Scripture, in Leviticus 23:23 and in Numbers 29 commands a day of rest, a Sabbath. This pause in our otherwise daily routine is for Yahweh’s children to remember and consider the momentous sounding of the shofar (trumpet) at Mt Sinai. It occurred during the early months after Israel’s departure from slavery’s bondage in Egypt. It was this intense sounding (teruah) of the shofar that announced God’s appearance before the gathered Israelites (native born and stranger). A blast of preparation for the unparalleled giving of the Ten Commandments and the Law (Torah). An event signaling the creation of a nation—a nation which was to be a light to the world. 

With the coming of Messiah, the Living Word, the Light of the World, the observance of Yom Teruah now celebrates our anticipation of Messiah’s return.  The sound of the trumpet (shofar) announces the descending of Messiah and the ascending of the saints, living and dead, to meet Him in the clouds and to usher Him into the coming of His Kingdom on earth. At this time Yeshua will bring forth the Torah from Zion. The nations of the earth will, for a thousand years, acknowledge the government of God. The saints will rule and reign in glorified bodies. 

Join me in joyous celebration, rest and prayerful anticipation of the coming trumpet call. Sound the shofar with enthusiasm—listening for that glorious response from heaven. 

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