New Moon Celebration is Coming Soon

New Moon Celebration is Coming Soon
Sunday, November 19, 2017 is the first day of God’s lunar month of Kislev. It’s very thoughtful of Him to make these cyclical, new moon observances available to us. When interspersed with the weekly Sabbath cycle it gives another opportunity for measuring your “resolutions” concerning your spiritual adventure with the Father.
We have the weekly Torah portions that continue year after year to instruct us. We can observe the lunar cycle with a different agenda from the weekly Sabbaths. As with the Sabbath observance there is not a lot of guidance from scripture on the “how to” of the new moon feast protocol. In our household we have decided to treat each new moon with a Sabbath-like, sundown dinner, prayer and discussion on where we are in our relationship to Father and to each other. Where are we in comparison to the last new moon? What had we projected to accomplish and where are we now? This is another periodic opportunity to stay Yeshua-centered with all the seemingly pressing activities and demands of life. It is a relatively new practice for us, and we may make adjustments as time goes by.

Another thought, the new moon of Kislev falls in the Sabbath reading portion (Parsha) covering from Genesis 28 – 44. This is a huge swath of Israelite history covering all of Jacob’s life following the deception of his father, Isaac, up to an including Joseph’s intrigue in Egypt concerning Benjamin. When the new moon of Tevet is celebrated it would offer a great opportunity for personal as well as family introspection based of the preceding month’s Torah portion. I’m sure our “lunar lamp” will light up with the Kislev new moon observance having all of the Torah portions to ponder from Noah through Abraham’s relationship with YHVH, Sarah, Ismael and Jacob. Plenty to consider and take introspective inventory—where we, the Browns, are, individually and as a family, in our latter years.

If this post has challenged you, but you’d like some more information please access my article in this website: “Let no one pass judgment on you in question of… a new moon….”

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