On July 31, 2018, I celebrated my 88th birthday.
The occasion of the event gave me pause to consider the question of “old.”
Of course I had to record and submit these thoughts to those who might be interested.

For many years I wondered what defined “old,” as in “old age.”
Then one day I turned 88.

The question I had contemplated off and on for so many years no longer seemed relevant. In reality a number of things I had questioned through the years, whether answered or not, had somehow lost relevancy.

Now, other issues are more formidable:
On arising in the morning, it is not so much what needs to be done, as, what will I have the strength to do? Prayer becomes more important as strength from above becomes a much larger component of my strength here below.

Relationships, too, become more precious as those folks I have known for a lifetime are no more here, yet often appear in my dream world. Their appearance is generally without dialogue, a walk-on part, in what seems an irrelevant dream fiction.

Consciously, and often subconsciously, I find I am becoming less critical, more conciliatory. Is there a subtle confluence of preparation, anticipation and adjudication?

Did I mention the hearing is not as good, nor the vision? Other taken-for-granted bodily processes raise my awareness of their existence—usually by some hypo or hyper manifestation.

Old, however, can have benefits and affirmations. I am blessed that my children and their spouses, my grandchildren and my wife listen to my words, seek my counsel and let me be first in line.

So, though there was so much I didn’t know of the definition of “old,” experiencing it does give me a vision to help the younger generations. I have, with my wife’s guidance and example, spent my last thirty years making healthy choices of diet, supplementation, and especially spiritual. These choices have mitigated much of the negative that could potentially define “old.”

Please consider this a word from the “wise.”

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