Led by His Cloud

Led by His Cloud

Remember the Mishkan, the Desert Tabernacle, over which the Cloud of God‘s presence occupied the day and the fire of His presence occupied the night?

It was that Tabernacle, which contained the holy of holies, the ark of the covenant surmounted by the two gold cherubim whose wings embraced God’s presence. Above that Tabernacle, for all to see, was the Cloud. The Cloud which gave evidence of the Lord’s presence within that holy place.

When the Cloud moved, it signaled action, change, leaving the present place, regardless of circumstance. With the moving of the Cloud, so too did His presence. The Tabernacle must follow, preparation for that to happen must be immediately made.

I sense His Cloud now, His Spirit hovering over me, hovering over His presence in the Tabernacle in my heart.

While I’m under that Cloud the anointing of His presence within me is strong. But what happens when the Cloud moves, when a new direction is being shown, when a change is being ordered?

As the Cloud moves, if I do not break camp and follow, the connection between His indwelling presence and His guiding Spirit begins to weaken—peace ebbs, anxiety increases, the warmth of intimacy cools.

And so, with my will I rush to obey, to break camp, to move. I do not want to lose sight of the Cloud, the comfort of His presence, the glory and wonder of my having received that Tabernacle within my heart.

Kennedy Brown
July 31, 2018

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