Yom Kippur Preparation

Yom Kippur Preparation

My sharing on both Feast of Trumpets (embracing afresh the Ten Commandments) and Yom Kippur (how to afflict the soul) has prompted me to take a deliberate approach to the ten day timeframe which embraces these two events.

You may have already guessed at my thinking—Ten Commandments—ten days. Feast of Trumpets is on 1 Tishri and Yom Kippur on 10 Tishri. If I took a commandment a day and reviewed where I am in relation to that Commandment it could be an awesome Yom Kippur. This could be called the Ten Days of Awe. Maybe somebody already thought that.

Unfortunately I didn’t make the connection early enough this year to practice what I’m preaching, but I have practiced it for “adultery” commandment #7 and “steal” commandment #8.

“Steal” has been particularly rich. A small word study of “steal,” the Hebrew גנב ganab, indicates an influence of deception and stealthiness in the stealing. It even includes kidnapping as a translation. This got me to thinking beyond the literal, physical taking of property to the more subtle taking of the self worth, emotional wholeness, even to the point of taking another’s physical as well as mental health.

This line of interpretation opens a whole new opportunity for introspection. What have my actions been toward those I “love?” Have I been an encourager or a thief? What is the undertone in my encouragement—”that was good, but can’t you do better?”

As I get older I’m realizing memory can become a problem. To tell someone, “I told you, don’t you remember?” is like a theft, a condemnation, creating a doubt—a theft of confidence, self worth. Better, to just repeat without comment and even add a silent prayer!

Words, as has been said so often, have power. Words as a tool for stealing is a whole new consideration for me. Maybe with this Yom Kippur I can stop my stealing and instead start laying up some treasures in heaven where no theft can occur.

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