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True North

34322062 - old compass on vintage map
34322062 – old compass on vintage map

True North

There lies somewhere in the polar north
An enormous mother lode—
With unerring accuracy It draws the compass needle
To its hidden depths.

How much like sin this deception speaks
Luring each who relies on an off-course life
Till at the end, when destination reached,
No time for correction remains.

For most of life, magnetic north will get you by—
But the wise traveler will stay on course,
Always making correction to head true north
Even if life’s storms would blow you off course.

Come around to that North Star’s unerring path—
Make correction against that subtle deception—
Resist its magnetic attraction.
Let no other choice alter your path from True North.

Kennedy Brown
January 8, 2017

Motivation for poem—
I so appreciated a recent, thought-provoking post. Many valid points were made, along with the reference to true north being reflected by the compass. The metaphor was used to show that being one degree off wouldn’t get you to your destination—true. However, in my old Boy Scout days, some 70 years ago, I learned about “magnetic declination.” This was the correction that had to be made from magnetic north to true north. So, for me, the metaphor didn’t ring true. As I continued to think about the compass deception—the metaphor of magnetic north being like sin came to me. The subtly of sin can lead you throughout life just slightly off course, even if you know the truth. How sad to end life’s journey, only to find you were following the wrong guidance. There are many subtle adjustments that we must be aware of and make, once we know life’s destination: to arrive at True North. How special to think Yeshua is that infallible, guiding North Star.

The Shinning Path

44196657 - beautiful autumn scene invites to a walk on a misty footpath in the forest with beams of sunlight
44196657 – beautiful autumn scene invites to a walk
on a misty footpath in the forest with beams of sunlight

The Shining Path

Much of life is like the shining path
That seems to light your way
Across the forest floor.

When aimlessly followed
Your unknown destination will be
No reward.

Discernment must govern
The path you choose.

Ask divine guidance
On each path’s beckoning way.

On this true source of direction
You can rely.

Let Father alone guide you
Through life’s wildest wilderness.

By Him the beckoning, shining path
Will be proven
Either right or wrong.

Kennedy Brown
December 12, 2016

Motivation for the poem—
My first recalled experience came while seeking my way through a previously unexplored forest in Natal, South Africa some 20 years ago. I was seeing what appeared to be a well-worn path shinning ahead of me. The leaves on the ground fairly glowed, seeming to clearly present a path. I followed the path some distance before an inner compass said it could not be right. As I turned in another direction—there was another path! I cannot scientifically explain the phenomenon, but it is real. I have experienced it many times since—even again today during a walk through the woods. I could not resist writing a poem. Especially since this date celebrates nearly a year of a release of poetic juice in my spirit.