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A Psalm of the Firstborn

A Psalm of the Firstborn
Prompted by Parshat Bo from Exodus 13:2

“…Consecrate to Me all the firstborn, whatever opens the womb among the children of Israel, both of man and beast; it is Mine.”

These words though not in poetic meter written
Reach the spirit with indelible truth smitten.
Do they not the “firstborn” identify
As one who would carry Yahweh’s mantle high?

Be he first or second or eleventh born−
As was Joseph, who endured his brothers’ scorn.
Yet, how very blessed is that man
Whose every descendant from his clan
Embraces Father’s eternal plan.

There need not be just one so set apart
Who alone walks with godly heart.
For Yeshua’s blood does each proclaim
As firstborn, he or she with heart aflame.

For firstborn does not by birth determine
Nor by law, nor obedience to man’s sermon,
But from the heat of Godly ardor
Is the one firstborn to the Father.

So Yahweh, by Your word You do proclaim
That each who would call upon that Name
Shall forever be identified
As one on whom Father has relied.

The firstborn are clearly set aside
To indeed become the eternal Bride.
Yahweh’s wisdom is now revealed−
His claim on the firstborn no longer concealed.

Kennedy Brown
January 16, 2016

The symbolism of the firstborn is its evidence of the vitality of a clan or a nation, even a herd or flock. For the firstborn of Egypt to be taken was not only an emotional devastation of loss, but the flower of the strength of a people was gone. For Yahweh to require the firstborn be set apart to Him is not a punishment, but the jealous perpetuation of His earthly kingdom plan. My psalm celebrates being firstborn, that is, accepting and embracing the set apart pursuit of the things of Father. Blessed is the man (as I am blessed) when each child born, regardless of birth order, pursues the perpetuation of the eternal things of Yahweh.

A Psalm from a Closed Heart

A Psalm from a Closed Heart

Yahweh, let me not close my heart to another−
Let not even a small part slide from Your cover.
When my emotions and flesh against love combine,
Your heart and mine can no longer entwine.

Cool looks and short replies−
Uncover what I sought to disguise.
My smile, so carefully, deceitfully crafted−
Belies a heart closed−any fellowship shafted.

And so why do I wonder at Heaven’s brass−
That my prayers lie dead like winter’s grass?
You have spoken−if I could but hear
And open my heart, turn from my way, do not fear.

Must I be right in this strained relation−
Why can’t I hear Your Word−I’m Your creation:
“As you do to the least of these−
You do likewise to Me whom you seek to please.”

A closed heart then goes beyond each situation−
And seals the gates of Yahweh’s heavenly nation.
He leaves it to me to undo the closing−
Once again heaven’s pathway exposing.

Kennedy Brown
January 4, 2016

This is the second in my Psalm series. The first was A Psalm from a Bride.
That psalm is in a previous blog post. In that post I described how I found myself moved into psalm writing.

The effort submitted here has its origin in a time of revelation first experienced by my wife twenty years ago. The consequence of a closed heart has been fearful enough to force taking individual responsibility to quickly restore broken relationship. Her story will appear later in the Articles portion of this website. It is entitled The Naked Men Dream—watch for it! Better yet, sign up to receive email notification of blog activity.

Finally, I’m Shema Compliant!

photo 1

photo 2

Shema — Deu 6:4-9
“…these words which I command you today you shall…write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.”

After four years of reciting the Shema at least weekly I finally can do so without having to feel guilty. Of course, it is done Tennessee hill-country style—pvc caps and vinyl tubing! But after all, the Lord seems to appreciate the creative process!