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Counting the Omer

Itʼs that season again. This year I finally asked, “What is counting the Omer?” Maybe you havenʼt even heard that expression. In Judaism, it is the term used to count the 50 days between Feast of First Fruits and Feast of Shavuot (Pentecost). It is the time being counted from First Fruits until the celebration of the giving of Torah from Mt. Sinai. In Christianity it is the time between Yeshuaʼs resurrection and the giving of the Holy Spirit. The Messianic embraces and esteems both events–they are Godʼs appointed feasts.

Realizing that counting the omer is related to two feasts: First Fruits and Shavuot (Pentecost or Weeks), it must mean the word, omer, appears in the bibleʼs description of one or both of the feasts. On the contrary, the word doesnʼt appear in either set of verses. God does give specific instruction for calculating the time between the two events, but no mention of omer. So, isnʼt the air alive with curiosity? Please join me as we attempt to solve the riddle of where the saying comes from and why, regardless of what itʼs called it is a time filled with expectation.

The word omer does appear in Exodus 16:36, however, but briefly:

“Now an omer is one- tenth of an ephah”

Even though it is a brief appearance. it is an important clue to understanding how the omer is part of the counting process.  Continue reading Counting the Omer