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Martin Luther on Sabbath

Martin Luther on Sabbath

I’ve been reading “Martin Luther: the man who rediscovered God.” The author, Eric Metaxas, has written an inspiring and definitive work on Luther’s life. So many of Luther’s bold statements of the veracity and sovereignty of God’s word versus the errancy of man’s pronouncements paved the way for the spiritual rebirth of God’s plan for His Creation.

Over and over again, Luther says to the religious and ruling political authority, “show me from God’s word where I am wrong.” Five hundred years ago, with this mantra, he redefined the relationship between the believer and the church.

With this backdrop, I was wondering why the church continued to observe Sunday, rather than Saturday as Sabbath.

It would seem Luther, for all his virtues as scripture scholar, could still be affected by his prejudices. He did not find favor with the Jewish community of the late 1500s in Europe. So, I believe, he became anti Semitic. His interpretation of scripture reflected this bias. In answer to the question of Saturday Sabbath, he often quoted Apostle Paul’s Galatians 5:3. He would say if you kept the Jewish Sabbath, you’d have to keep all the Law, including circumcision.

Luther, the bible scholar seems to have forgotten that basic interpretation principle of reading what precedes and follows your “proof” text.

The way I read these verses, Apostle Paul was concerned about the Jews, who may have believed in Messiah Yeshua, but did not believe you could have salvation apart from keeping the Law, especially circumcision.

Paul’s position is that Messiah’s work on the cross, the breaking of His flesh and the shedding of His blood, was the complete sacrifice and atonement for our redemption and the forgiveness of our sin. The physical act of circumcision gained nothing and if you relied on it, you were brought under the burden of keeping the entire Law for your salvation.

In this scripture, Paul was not addressing Sabbath keeping, he kept Saturday Sabbath himself, but not for salvation, but to be obedient to God’s commandments.
It is only through appropriating the shed blood of Messiah for forgiveness of sin, that we have salvation and have any confidence in being able to keep God’s Commandments. “May God’s Holy Spirit show me my ‘blind spots’ to the truth of His word,”

I still heartily recommend the book. It really reflects a 29th chapter to Acts.

A Psalm Of Sabbath Thanks

It’s been a long time since I posted to my blog. I have survived, with the Lord’s definite presence, several months of travail. I hope to be able to explore the experience, giving very real spiritual insight to the experience. But for now I’m submitting a poem from my forthcoming book, Poetic Insights of a Left Brained Octogenerian”. The editing and preparation for this book has been on hold for my sabbatical.

A Psalm of Sabbath Thanks
Written with the wonderful revelation of the blessing of Sabbath which begins Friday at sundown with the lighting of two candles.

Two small lights are kindled as darkness descends−
Your ancient promise of rest begins.
Cares from my soul will be dispelled−
As light pierces darkness—six day’s labor quelled.

Your seventh day—not punishment meant−
Not a burden—a holy sacrament.
Created by love—a commanded celebration
Sets man apart from all of creation.

Yeshua, Your Son, confirmed the plan—
The day was ordained for the good of man.
Before man was vexed by Satan’s deceit−
The day for his rest was made complete

Those two small lights hold such promise
Must I remain a doubting Thomas?
With thanksgiving I now joyfully enter−
Knowing rest will follow when keeping Sabbath center.

Kennedy Brown

A Psalm about a Lost Psalm

A Psalm about a Lost Psalm
May have been my best psalm you’ll never see

Yahweh, a psalm I was writing is lost.
I fear it’s been cyber space tossed.
And now I get my pride to measure−
For whom was I writing the poetic treasure?

I lament and search for the words now gone.
They’ve disappeared as snow from my lawn.
True, it’s the sun that aids this fact−
Perhaps there’s another in this klepto act.

Wash my heart from author’s pride.
Let me go forth in innocent stride.
I pray those words I previously penned
To You now reflect love−washed from sin.

As You once told me when a data crash−
You still knew every word−none were ash.
So, thank You again as I walk the fine line
Between heartfelt praise and pride sublime.

Kennedy Brown
Erev Shabbat, February 12, 2016

A Psalm of Sabbath Thanks


A Psalm of Sabbath Thanks

Two small lights are kindled as darkness descends−
Your ancient promise of rest begins.
Will cares from my soul now dispel−
As light pierces darkness, so life’s labors quell.

Your seventh day is not punishment meant−
It is not a burden, yet true, a sacrament.
Your love it created and ordered its time−
Blessing upon blessing follow, pleasing as rhyme.

Yeshua, Your Son, Your very self, proclaimed the day from its creation−
From Egypt and Sinai He spoke it to every nation.
Even before man became vexed by satan’s plan−
The day for rejuvenation; a time of appreciation was in the van.

Those two small lights hold such promise–
How could I have been doubting as Thomas?
With thanksgiving I now joyfully enter−
Knowing light follows darkness when keeping Your day at the center.

Kennedy Brown
Shabbat 12/19/15

Finally, I’m Shema Compliant!

photo 1

photo 2

Shema — Deu 6:4-9
“…these words which I command you today you shall…write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.”

After four years of reciting the Shema at least weekly I finally can do so without having to feel guilty. Of course, it is done Tennessee hill-country style—pvc caps and vinyl tubing! But after all, the Lord seems to appreciate the creative process!